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V&A Forever

V&A Forever by Universal Everything

The clever people at Universal Everything have an installation called Forever on at the Victoria & Albert Museum in London. A collaboration between Matt Pyke, Karsten Schmidt (a.k.a Toxi) and Simon Pyke, Forever is an endless animation that responds to a generative soundtrack – so it will never display or play that same piece twice.

“Forever is an art project formed from generative music and generative visuals and is a commission for the museum’s new digital programme,” explains Schmidt. “Simon Pyke has composed the music and sound – he’s created hundreds of different soundscapes, drums, all in the same key so that anything can be mixed together. It will evolve over the two months it’s on, so you’ll never hear, or see, the same thing twice. It’s based on the same kinds of micro-patterns as Mozart’s generative minuets, but on a more detailed level. When the sound is intense it will trigger pulses on the visual side and visual elements will also feed back into the music.”

Forever at the Victoria & Albert Museum from Universal Everything on Vimeo.

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