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Jerell is out! What happened?

Project Runway: Kenley's Wedding Dress

So four of the contestants on Project Runway were creating a range to show at Fashion Week in New York, and as you know I have been convinced that Jerell was going to win Project Runway this year. But he’s out! What happened? I do have to admit that I thought Kenley’s dress was the best, and for a few weeks now I’ve been hoping she’d be voted out – mainly due to how rude she is to the judges and other contestants. So now I’ve realised that if I look past her attitude, I can see that there is definitely a reason why she is in the final three. And I do like the fact that the final three are all female. But now I really have no clue as to who is going to win!

Seeing Tim Gunn on the tandem bike with Leanne made me wonder if he always wears a suit. Does he watch TV? I just can’t imagine him falling asleep on his couch while wearing a suit! And it was incredibly cute when he cried a little! I keep thinking about it and going “awwww…” haha. I do love Tim and think that the designers should listen to his advice – he’s pretty much always right!

Also, does anyone else think that they should have started airing Project Runway a few weeks earlier so that the next episode (where they show at Fashion Week) is on TV the week after Fashion Week? Maybe it takes way longer than that to put the show together?

Project Runway: Jerell's Wedding Dress
Project Runway: Korto's Wedding Dress

Project Runway: Leanne's Wedding Dress

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