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Project Runway: mothers & daughters challenge

Project Runway - Jerell

It has become my Friday night ritual to watch Project Runway and America’s Next Top Model (both of which I have never seen before – I don’t watch much television) over a few beers.  Because of the few beers, it means it is hard for me to really take note of what happens in order to comment on here, but I was just thinking about androgynous fashion and remembered the mother and daughter challenge from a couple of weeks ago.  Basically each designer was teamed up with a girl who had recently finished university, and they were there to receive a makeover of sorts.

It must have been hard to be able to keep both the mother and daughter happy while also creating something that reflected their own style, but I think Jerell totally pulled it off! The girl he had was quite into the androgynous thing and had stated that was what she was after.  But Jerell started making a skirt, and I was like Hey! That’s not androgynous! But he made it work, and the girl looked great.  Waaay better than the graphic designer that Joe had – he made her some 80′s power suit.  Because that’s what graphic designers wear, right? Anyway, I was glad to see Joe go, and I think Jerell will win the competition!

Also, who else thought that the makeovers they gave these girls was better than the makeovers they gave the models on America’s Next Top Model? There were a couple that I liked, but seriously, maybe they need to hire the same people used on Project Runway.  I think Mckey looked great before the makeover, but she looks even better now with the darker hair. She’s definitely my favourite and is one of those people that not only looks good in photos, but also in real life. Or I should say, on TV. So she is my pick to win.

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