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AK79 bands Proud Scum and The Terrorways are reuniting!

AK79 album cover - Proud Scum, The Terrorways, The Scavengers

I just visited and saw that there are two shows at the Monte Christo Room late November where Proud Scum, The Spelling Mistakes, The X-Freatures, The Terrorways and the Scavengers will be playing! I’m so excited!

When I was 17 and first moved to Auckland I discovered the CD re-release of AK79 and it quickly became my favourite album.  I was studying audio engineering at the time and in my youthful excitement kept talking about this album and how much I loved Proud Scum, The Terrorways and The Scavengers. It turned out that Dean, one of the guitarists from The Terrorways was in my class and I believe it is him on the cover of the CD; and Victor Grbic who was one of my tutors was the audio engineer on some of the tracks!  My band at the time used to coverSuicide by Proud Scum, I might even have a recording of it somewhere…

Most of these bands haven’t played since the very early 80′s and Cheese On Toast say it’s likely they’ll never play again – The first show has already sold out and tickets for the second show go on sale tomorrow. It’s limited to 350 tickets, so I’ll be at Real Groovy tomorrow morning!


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Dean Martelli
Nov 10, 2008 0:25


Yes that is indeed my hand.

So which of my classmates wrote this?

Hope to see you at the show!


Dean Martelli
Nov 10, 2008 17:23

Ah I just worked it out!

Katie Kool :-)

Be great to see you!


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