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Running In Heels, I’ll actually watch it…

Nina Garcia at Vera Wang, Spring 2008 Fashion Week

Have been looking through photos from yesterdays Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week events, and came across this one of Nina Garcia backstage at the Vera Wang show. Does anyone know who the jacket is by?

Also, if you didn’t already know, Nina Garcia is no longer Editor-at-large (what does that mean anyway?! Seems to be a fancy title that means not doing much work!) at Elle magazine, she is now the fashion director of Marie Claire.  It doesn’t stop there though, as Marie Claire are doing their own reality TV show, I imagine in order to compete with Elle’s Stylista. However, Running in Heels isn’t going to be some kind of the Devil Wears Prada meets reality TV type deal.  It’s going to be documenting how a magazine is run, featuring staffers from the very top down to interns.  Sounds like it’s actually going to be worth watching!

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